I finally managed to catch up with the new Mrs. White to find out how her Big Day went. Here’s what she had to say about it all,

The gorgeous Mr and Mrs Ben White.

AOM: Firstly, massive Congratulations on getting married! Did the day all go to plan?

Emma: Thank you – and yes! It was perfect!

AOM: Please remind us where and when you got married?

Emma: June, just family at the Chelsea Registry Office followed by lunch in The Ivy Chelsea Garden. Then a party at The Collection in Duke of York Square.

AOM: Now that it is all over do you have any of your own tips or advice for other brides-to-be?

Emma: It’s the same tip I got before mine – just trust that everyone will do what they need to do. Get on with enjoying your big day and officially becoming husband and wife!

AOM: Was there a tool you found particularly useful in helping you plan? (e.g. website, app, wedding planner, someone who went above and beyond)

Emma: Not really – we just planned bits and pieces as we went!

AOM: What was your favourite memory from the day?

Emma: Getting married! The service was super quick but had everyone in tears, it was very funny watching everyone succumb one by one…

AOM: Did you have a wedding photographer? If so, who and how did you find them?

Emma: We had one for the service, a lady called Yvette who was recommended by the Registry Office having done lots of shoots in their relatively confined space. And a second for the party who I’d come across at another event and took lovely pictures.

AOM: What about a video?

Emma: Nope – no video.

Emma and Ben surrounded by family at Chelsea Registry Office.

AOM: As an album lover I have to ask, are you planning on creating an album/scrapbook/memory book to help you remember your big day and the honeymoon? If so, any tips on how to go about this for others?

Emma: Yes absolutely! We’d love a photo album. We’ve just been a bit swept up by normal life again. Need to get organised and pick our favourites for our album!

AOM: Sounds like you had a pretty perfect day, what, if anything went wrong?

Emma: I’d say it was pretty close to perfect – though I cried from the moment the doors of the Registry Office opened! Puffy eyes were not the look I was going for in my photos but what can you do? It actually set everyone off and there were tears throughout the service from most guests – my sister could hardly finish her reading. A very soppy family!

AOM: Where did you end up going on your ‘surprise’ honeymoon?

Emma: Mallorca for a lovely long weekend mini moon.

AOM: What is your favourite memory from your honeymoon?

Emma: An amazing dinner with the most incredible food and stunning view.

I’m so glad that Emma had such a fabulous time. Check back in Memories in the Making next week to meet our next bride.