Photo Selection Service

Here at And Other Memories, we know how difficult it can be trying to narrow down your photos for an album, or how overwhelming it can be to suddenly discover you have 5000 photos per year going back the last 10 years, but don’t have the time to deal with them. This is why in 2019, we launched our new Photo Selection Service. 

Whether you are intending to create an album or not…

…it’s still great to have your photos organised, which is where we come in.

Simply give us access to your images and we can select the best ones for you, or if it’s organisation you are struggling with we can even sort your photos into folders, be it by subject matter, date taken or something else entirely.

We will even organise the printing of your photos if that’s what you want and, of course, if you do decide you want the pictures displayed in an album or memory book we can help with that too.

Katie Selecting and Organising Photos

Pricing: £20 per hour

Please get in touch using the form below for a more specific quote.

 Photo Selection Service


“I was nervous about trawling through my hundreds of new baby photos and Katie did all the photo selection for me and sorted out all the photos. This was definitely worth it!”


“Wow! What a lot of work, well done! Amazing. Thank you!!”


Our simple four-step process makes the process of building your own bespoke album easy and enjoyable.

 1. Contact us

These days so many people are stuck for time and never get around to creating that photo album, scrapbook, or memory book they always wanted. Get in touch and we can do it for you. Still not convinced? Book in for a free 15 minute consultation before making a commitment.

2. Upload your Content

Using our secure server you upload all the photographs, ticket stubs and anything else that you want in your album, we will then work with you to bring the content together and create the perfect book.

3. We Design your Album

Every album we create is unique, customisable through the pages to the covers. With a choice of different cloths or leather covers, you decide the whole look – including the colour theme and other personal elements.

4. You Enjoy your Memories

Once you have approved the final draft we have your album printed by the leading UK printers with a Royal Warrant as Bookbinder to Her Majesty the Queen. Once printed the album is sent to you for you to enjoy forever.

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