Our Children’s Artwork prints have been receiving a lot of love recently, and are actually one of my favourite offerings, so I thought I’d take a moment to tell you a little more about them and how we create them, in the hope of clearing up any questions you might have about them! Oh my goodness, how fun to be writing this post!  

Children's Artwork Personalised Print

So what exactly are Children’s Artwork Prints?

These bespoke prints are a wonderful way of celebrating your child’s artistic skills. Using your child’s artwork, we create a mosaic style print with all the pieces replicated in miniature on one page to create a beautiful and fun piece of wall art that will undoubtedly brighten up any room!

Offered in A4, A3 and A1 sizes,  you can make this as much of a statement piece as you want too. The differing sizes will also influence the proportions the child’s art work is reproduced at, and maybe how many pieces you want to include. I tend to recommend using somewhere between 12 and 24 pieces, (one or two per month if you are doing this yearly) but as these are bespoke, it is entirely up to you!

How does this work?

Once you’ve made the purchase from the And Other Memories shop, you will receive an email with a link to which you can upload the artwork you want to use. All you have to do is photo or scan the pieces and upload them to the provided link following the instructions.

Once we’ve received your masterpieces, we will get to work on the design before sending over a proof (within 5 working days) for approval before it goes to print. Delivery time from then is usually 2-3 weeks, but do get in touch if you need it quicker. As part of the service, we are also happy to frame the A4 and A3 prints, just select that option at checkout.

There are various ways in which we can include your child’s masterpieces. From cutting out the shaped pieces, to making the pieces fit their alloted space – zoomed in on a certain area to 

Child's Bespoke Artwork Print
Child's Messy Art

make sure each item is fully represented. If opting for the cut out shapes, please make sure to photograph the piece against a plain background, a different colour to the artwork. If you have any preferences just send us an email and let us know, otherwise we will work on a design to make your pieces shine using our own judgement and experience.


What’s the difference in design styles?

Below you can see two versions of the same print, one with the shaped pieces cut out (the Christmas tree, Mouse’s tail, and Mummy), the other on the right, has zoomed in on all the art so that each space is fully filled.

Artwork Print Pieces Cut Out
Artwork Zoomed In

Other Benefits

As well as looking fabulous, one of the other benefits of creating a bespoke children’s artwork piece, is that is gives parents a wonderful way to declutter without hurting any tiny feelings. I don’t know about you, but my son gets so upset if he sees one of his masterpieces in the bin. But by creating a personal wall print with his art, I’ve not only helped him to feel proud of his achievements but I’ve also managed to reduce the amount of paper piled up in the corner of the kitchen! And I’ve brightened up my wall… although, full disclosure, they might not brighten your wall so much if your child is going through the poo brown phase mine went through for far too long, where everything was a delicious murky brown.


 Who are they for?

These personalised art prints are wonderful for pround parents and family members alike. They even make a fabulous and personal gift for friends who are involved in the child’s life, or alternatively, a great piece to decorate a child’s bedroom. If you like the idea of these bespoke art prints, why not specifically set your child the task of creating pieces that you will use? This can be a great idea if you are doing it for a thank you, birthday or other event, as you can include letters or words in the pieces and we can lay them out to spell out your designed phrase.

Messy Hands Child Artist

How did the idea of children’s art prints come about?

These prints have been a long time coming. The idea first formed in my head when my son started coming home from nursery with different masterpieces every day, and as the pile built up, and I was surreptisiously throwing the not-worth-keeping ones away, I was also creating a pile that I did like but had no idea what to do with! Bearing in mind my son was only two at the time, and I had another how-many-years of art ahead of me, plus a younger sibling following in his artistic footsteps (perhaps even more so), I decided that there wasn’t enough room for them all and my pile needed tidying up, which is how the idea of scanning the best ones came about. From there it was only a small step to miniaturising them, and creating a different type of wall art. My personal plan, is to create a print each year or two with the best pieces. I can then either replace the print in the frame, or add it to the wall in it’s own frame. Once I have a collection of them, I plan to make a small folder of the prints, that will cover the years and his development. Or I might even pop each print on a page in my children’s own memory books when they reach a milestone birthday, so that they can see how much they have progressed. 

Hopefully reading this has given you a better idea of what our bespoke children’s artwork prints are about, what they involve and how they are made. If you have any further questions, or there is anything I haven’t covered, please do get in touch. And if by reading this, you’ve been convinced of just how fab these prints are, you can order yours here.