Oh my goodness, I’m so excited to be writing this post! It is finally time to share a peak at And Other Memories new offering – personalised prints! Anyone who knows me, knows how much I value truly personal gifts, and it was with that in mind that I decided to add these new products to our shop.

Albums are amazing, and truly the most personal gift one can give, but I wanted to be able to offer something more affordable – for those occasions when you don’t want to splash out quite as much. And this is what led to the birth of our personalised prints.

Peter Rabbit with Balloons personalised print

Bespoke prints to commemorate any occasion.

I’ve spent the last six months fiddling with my paintbrushes – both traditonal ones and digital, in order to come up with a collection of prints that can all be personalised to celebrate life’s big events.

I’ve also borrowed some well loved characters, such as the Beatrix Potter gang, in order to create some beautiful pictures that will look fab on any wall. From birth, to christenings, birthdays, weddings and any other special time in your life, this new selection should cover it all in the most personal of ways. 

Personalised Giraffe Watercolour

Each print that we offer is personalised with the little details. Be it a simple initial, a name, your own little message or a more detailed mosaic style print (see below photos) with images of your choice to represent the occasion, the thing that truly stands out about these prints, is how each one is truly unique to you. Think of them as mini, one page albums if you will. Something that celebrates the milestones, cherishes the memories, and makes you one of the best gift givers out there!

Mosaic Print
Mosaic Celebration Print
Anniversary Message Print
Rainbow coloured name on star background

The designs I’ve chosen cover a range of occasions. However, I’ve opted for more choice of designs in the birth/christening/children range as these are the ones that have a fixed background and are personalised with the words and details of the occasion.

The mosaic prints which cover all other life events from Father’s Days to birthdays, weddings or any other celebration are more like our albums in that they are created from scratch for you, offering more of a choice in design and personalised as they are with not only your words, but also your images.

What’s not to love?


I can’t wait to discover which designs are the most popular –  the hand painted, the favourite characters, or the mosaics?! 

Check out the new range and let us know if there’s anything else you would like to see.

Please do take a look at our new range and let me know what you think. Is there something that is missing? As always with And Other Memories, feel free to get in contact with your design ideas for your own bespoke design.