Having just spent a lovely week relaxing in the lovely, but not so sunny, Algarve, Portugal I have failed to line up a Bride-to-Be for the Memories in the Making Column. But that got me thinking that actually it might be nice for me to share my wedding memories with you. So that’s what I’m going to do, using the AOM Memories Made column questions.

AOM: When and where did you get married?

September, 2015 at St. Thomas of Canterbury Church, Fulham with the reception at The Langham Hotel, Regent Street.

AOM: Did the day go to plan?

Yes, absolutely. I had been worried about the weather being mid-September and the forecast was rain, but we were blessed with sunshine and warmth. I’d been determined to hold the reception outside and just before I left for the Church I had been on the phone insisting we hold out on moving everything inside as I was convinced that the sun was going to come out for the afternoon. I’m so glad I didn’t let anyone persuade me otherwise!

AOM: Any tips or advice for other brides-to-be?

Don’t get caught up in all the details that can stress you out in the run up. At the end of the day it’s your wedding and all anyone really cares about is that you and your partner enjoy the day. Plus on the day, you’ll either be so caught up you won’t notice any deviances from the plan, or you’ll be so busy enjoying yourself that you won’t care! Oh, and try not to get as drunk as I did – the nerves were so bad, that I had two drinks and was hammered, that and the fact my Dad had supplied super strength gin! Not a good combination!

AOM: Was there a tool you found particularly useful when helping you plan?

There wasn’t a tool as such, but I did find the website hitched.co.uk very useful. I found our videographer on there!

AOM: What was your favourite memory from the day?

Absolutely the wedding service itself was my favourite part. Despite the nerves and feeling all eyes on me, I was there doing the one and only thing I really cared about – marrying my man!

AOM: Did you have a wedding photographer?

Yes of course I did! As someone who loves photos and anything else that reminds me of the past, there was no way I wasn’t going to be documenting the day. I found https://www.photographybykrishanthi.co.uk/ through a friend. When I asked for her recommendations she told me about an old school friend who was now a wedding photographer and had photographed many of her friend’s weddings. I checked out Krish’s work and loved it!

St. Thomas of Canterbury Church, Fulham

Enjoying the service

AOM: What was your favourite memory from the day?

Leila: After all the issues that we had getting to the Church, when the doors opened and I saw Henry, that was my favourite moment. He was there and it was all going to be ok.

AOM: Did you have a wedding photographer?

Leila: We didn’t have a professional photographer, I asked my cousin to take some photos and asked the guests to take photos and upload them to the wedding app WedPics.

AOM: What about a video?

Leila: Nope – no video.

AOM: As an album lover I have to ask, are you planning on creating an album/scrapbook/memory book to help you remember your big day and the honeymoon? If so, any tips on how to go about this for others?

Leila: I absolutely want to create an album. However, at the moment I have no idea where to start.

AOM: What about a videographer?

This wasn’t something I particularly wanted, but a lot of people had said to me it was the one thing they regretted not having as the day goes so fast and it is nice to see it from someone else’s perspective. In the end I did a last minute search on the aforementioned Hitched and found https://www.savethedogproductions.com/ and I’m so glad I did, I was literally in tears when I watched it for the first time, and it still makes my go all tingly and nervous when I see it!

AOM: As an album lover I have to ask, are you planning on creating an album/scrapbook/memory book to help you remember your big day and the honeymoon? If so, any tips on how to go about this for others?

I shouldn’t really need to answer this as the person who started And Other Memories! Yes, I had an album made by our photographer, then I made a photobook with all the other photos that we had, and I also made a scrapbook as I planned the wedding which included appointment cards from the 2 dress shops and our Congratulations cards both from the engagement and the wedding! My tips would be to just sit down and do it, create your album! Too many people put it off and never get round to doing anything with their photos and memorabilia, and you’d be surprised how therapeutic it can be. Scrapbooking should be the new mindful colouring! Or of course, contact And Other Memories and I can help you create your perfect album 😉

AOM: What, if anything went wrong on the day?

I’ve already mentioned getting a little too tiddly and I’d rather not dwell on that!! The only other thing I can think of that went wrong was the venue serving me the wrong meal – I’d asked for a salad starter rather than the scallops that non-vegetarians were getting but I was unfortunately given the scallops. I didn’t bother complaining or sending it back as I didn’t want to make a fuss and it wasn’t the end of the world. Silly of me really. The other slight disaster were my nerves. I hate being the centre of attention and was so nervous that not only did I have an upset stomach throughout – and for days afterwards, but it also made it hard to relax and enjoy it all!

AOM: Where did you end up going on honeymoon?

We went to Tanzania – first on Safari for 5 days, and then we went to Zanzibar for a week of relaxing on the beach. The whole thing was incredible and I was actually crying as we left to come home!

AOM: What is your favourite memory from your honeymoon?

My favourite memory – that’s a tough one as I really did love every second. Time with my hubby, seeing giraffes (and other animals, but I do love a giraffe!), romantic meals, a flower filled candlelit bath, the toad in our tent… my hubby being bitten on the finger by a monkey when he tried to feed it, there are just so many memories. The one that sums it up though would be the glorious sweet smell that was present every morning on the Safari as we stepped out of our tents. I never managed to find out what it was, but it was lovely. A bit like honey. I even ended up buying numerous honey candles when I got back to try and re-create it.

The closest I’ve come is the Honey candle made by Produce Candles. httpss://pin.it/f4er4fkkw5qpqd

My Suppliers:

“One of the loveliest things about our wedding was how wonderful all our suppliers were, everyone was so friendly and helpful down to every last detail!”

Flowers: Floco

Dress: Tantrums and Tiaras

Venue: The Langham

Photographer: Photography by Krishanthi

Videographer: Save the Dog Productions

Honeymoon: Pure Zanzibar 

So that’s a little bit about my wedding! It’s been really fun reminiscing, the whole day was so much fun – and I wasn’t the only one a little worse for wear so there are lots of funny stories involving various friends!! Ahhh, memories!! They are why I do, what I do!